Porcelain & ceramic tile flooring FAQs

Porcelain and ceramic flooring offer perfect options in various areas, but one is likely to be the better floor tile for your requirements. Here are some frequently asked questions about these materials that may shed some light on your concerns.

Frequently asked questions about porcelain and ceramic floor tile

How are porcelain and ceramic different?

Porcelain is made of more refined clay baked in hotter kilns than ceramic, and they offer a few more benefits than ceramic. Porcelain is more durable, offers more water resistance, and has a through-body coloration that means chipped, or cracked pieces will be hardly visible.

What does the PEI rating mean?

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, or PEI, rates tile hardness from NR (natural stone) to Group 5, with Group 1 working best for wall applications and Group 5, rated for the heaviest traffic levels in both commercial and residential settings.

Which grout color is best?

You can find grouting in an array of bright, bold colors these days, but unless that is the aesthetic you want for the area that's being floored, you might fare better with something a bit safer. Your flooring professional will help you make the perfect choice for each room.

Can I install tile over tile?

It?s perfectly feasible to install one tile flooring over another, but only if certain specifications are met. For instance, the tile you?re using as a subfloor cannot be crack, compromised, or have any moisture issues, so speak with your flooring associate if you have more questions.

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