Even though porcelain floor tile is not legitimately “waterproof” as the industry describes it, it is usually referred to that way because it can withstand spills and dampness without taking on damage. Ceramic tile is very similar; even though there is some absorption of liquids, it isn't damaged by these situations, and we’d like to tell you more about that.

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Porcelain tile is categorized in the flooring industry as being “impervious” to water, which means it absorbs no more than 0.5% water or liquid content at any given time. This rating, which pertains to tile rated as "extremely dense," means that the materials are an excellent choice for floors and countertops that may see a great deal of spillage as well as wear and tear.

These products are perfect for placement in bathrooms and kitchens, offering protection against water damage, splitting, and cracking. They can even be used in outdoor applications such as patios and pool surrounds. However, ceramic tile, which has a greater permeability rating than porcelain, should not be used in outdoor applications.

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